Completed Projects

Our organization is passionate about seeing the gospel spread to all peoples across the world. It excites us to think of what Heaven will be like as people from every nation, tribe and tongue worships together from every age of the Christian Church! God has allowed us to be active in coming along side many great works in various countries. Here is a list of what God has enabled us to accomplish throughout our short history. Certain names are not mentioned for security reasons because they live in dangerous areas of the world. 

*Because of the sensitivity of our Persecuted Church Conferences, the identity of our speakers is not disclosed.


2009 - First Annual Persecuted Church Conference with Pastor from Cairo, Egypt

2009 - Raised $3,000 for Good News Prison Ministry in Cairo, Egypt

2009 - Raised $2,000 for Pastor's ministry in Cairo


2010 - Arise FM Radio (Morogoro, Tanzania) $8,000 raised for 2 Pastors and Radio Station

2010 - Mission trip to Tijuana (Mexico)

2010 - Distributed 100's of pounds of rice & beans to families living in the dump area (Tijuana, Mexico)

2010 - Provided $1,000 toward the Baja Family Outreach Feeding Program of Children (Tijuana, Mexico)

2010 - Provided food & groceries for Bethesda Hospice House (Tijuana, Mexico)

2010 - Mission trip to Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic)

2010 - Provided generator for electricity to House of Prayer Church (Dominican Republic) $1,000

2010 - Provided Leg Braces for small Haitian Girl - $300

2010 - Helped Good Ground Christian School secure lease of new property (Dominican Republic)

2010 - Provided School Supplies for Christian School (Dominican Republic)

2010 - Roofing of a Ulendo Church (Kachara, Malawi) $400



2011 - Roofing of a Nabirere Christian Church (Uganda) $400

2011 - Christmas party for 1,000 kids (Uganda)

2011 - Provided 100 shoes for orphanage in Tijuana (Mexico) $1,000

2011 - Obtained 501(c)3 Non-Profit Status



2012 - Building of a Christian School (Malawi) $1,800

2012 - Funding of Transitional Housing for Homeless (Kingsport, TN United States)

2012 - Helped in funding AZCM Orphanage (Kampala, Uganda)

2012 - Emergency Funding New Destiny Community Church (Kampala, Uganda)

2012 - Provided Christmas for 2,000 children (Kampala, Uganda)

2012 - Provided Christmas for AZCM Orphanage (Kampala, Uganda)



2013 - Blankets for Bangladesh $500

2013 - A night of prayer for Romania with Martin Mallette

2013 - Back to School Support (Uganda)

2013 - New Destiny Community Church Building Fund (Uganda) $8,000

2013 - Provided Electricity for AZCM Orphanage (Uganda) $600



2014 - Re-Structured our Board of Directors

2014 - Hosted Pastor from India $3,500

2014 - Hosted our 4th annual Persecuted Church Conference

2014 - Provided $600 for Orphan Care in Uganda

2014 - Prayer Vigil Event for Pastor Saheed Abendini (US Pastor Imprisoned in Iran)



2015 - The Underground Church Project - $8,500

2015 - Persecuted Church Conference (Stand: A Call for Enurance) 

2015 - 3rd Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saheed Abendini

2015 - USB drives for underground church planters to give them numerous pastoral resources (40 pastors) $200



2016 - Malawi Food Crisis Project (January) $1,198.60

2016 - Malawi Food Crisis Project (February) $1,100

2016 - Malawi Food Crisis Project (March) $1,440

2016 - 1 & 2 John Translation Project $4,130


Since 2010, Friends of the Gospel has given approximately $70,000 to global missions to God's glory!


STAND: A Call for Endurance (Persecuted Church Conferences)
1st Annual Conference - Pastor from Cairo, Egypt
2nd Annual Conference - Pastor's from Dar es Salem, Tanzania & Lilongwe, Malawi
3rd Annual Conference - Pastor from Dakha, Bangladesh
4th Annual Conference - Pastor from Chandrapur, India
5th Annual Conference - Pastor from Cairo, Egypt 

Pastor's Conference and training (Morogoro, Tanzania)
Pastor's Conference and training (Stonetown, Zanzibar Island)
Prison Ministry Events w/ Good News Jail & Prisons (Cairo, Egypt)
Food & Clothing Distrubtion (Tijuana, Mexico)
Food & Clothing Distrubtion (Tijuana, Mexico)
Breakfast for children (Tijuana, Mexico)
Hope Event for Uganda (Crossroads UMC United States)
Night of Prayer for Romania (PCC United States)
Prayer Vigil for Imprisoned Iranian Pastor (United States)